Matters of different groups of people use the fitness equipment fitness should be noted
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Abstract:    It must be a good exercise to master time, some old friends, get exercise ea...

    It must be a good exercise to master time, some old friends, get exercise each time, so the best is the best time may well be in 40 minutes or so. The best is not to be more than one hour of time.

    For some devices, it also pay attention to a lot of fitness equipment in peacetime, the general good of all can be divided into a number of structural movement of the body is aerobic exercise and have some physical flexibility training three of. So if in the use of these devices is that you can be good to help people be able to treat some of the biomechanics of the disease, the excess energy is disease and some neurological and psychiatric disorders.

  In doing exercise, the best advice is that if that is not the highest high over the shoulder. Then there can be a good wooden ribs, horizontal bar and some other stretching the rod class equipment. Here are some of the sports, are not suitable for the elderly to exercise.

  Prior to the exercise, it must be pay attention to do some preparatory activities, whether you are doing what is needed to limit the movement is to do some warm-up exercise, relax the body's joints, at the time of exercise, it will not appear pull injury accidents.

  After sports, the best is needed is to do some finishing activities, because people after exercise, the body of telangiectasia. Human blood, then, is in the body just can not get distal end is again is to return to the surface of the heart in this time, then that is needed is a heart will feel oppressed, so the best is that you can be after the campaign, then walk slightly.

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