Health benefits: improve nervous system function
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Abstract:    Improve nervous system function, culture indomitable will of the quality of ...

    Improve nervous system function, culture indomitable will of the quality of the central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord structure, and a total of the highest command authority is the cerebral cortex.

    It is charged with the management and regulation on the one hand inside the human body organ systems activities to maintain balance the body's internal environment, on the other hand to maintain the balance of the body and the external environment. Bodybuilding is regulating the central nervous system under the domination carried out. In turn, carry out fitness exercise also can improve the function of the level of the central nervous system. It can improve the strength and ability to concentrate neural processes, improve balance and flexibility, thereby improving the organism's ability to adapt to the external environment. Often insist Bodybuilding people generally sleep cooked, deep sleep, little interest neurasthenia.

  Fitness training, muscle often have to work to the limit, the athlete should always be overcome because of the large amount of exercise training brings the feeling of fatigue and muscle pain and other difficulties, the long-term hard training, perseverance, persistence, you can develop perseverance culture fearless tired, afraid of pain, afraid of boring indomitable will of the quality.

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