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Abstract:    Anything in a calculation "input and output" and focus on efficien...

    Anything in a calculation "input and output" and focus on efficiency of times, people are increasingly aware of the body is the life and career of the capital, a strong physique is the most admired and cherished capital, for the vast most people, in this respect would have been almost the same, but it will be because of personal or social gradually widen the gap, and eventually the original foundation also lost inside together, affected not only different physiological state, even psychologically difficult obstacles adjustment. People-oriented, people's livelihood, public health and physical from the start, is becoming widespread discussion of social topics.

    For physical and health, do not spend money is not, but money alone does not buy into. Called the world sports power in the United States, spend $ 50 you can become a health club membership. The situation can get get a membership card records, collecting data through physical testing, and then regularly participate in the activities, according to the physical lack of exercise coaches arrange project be guided, then track and monitor the record, to watch for. In neighboring Japan and South Korea, held in Tokyo and Seoul Olympics has boosted the national consciousness and social sports fitness facilities synchronous improved physical exercise consciously join the army to become a matter of course, young students physical indicators have a historic increase.

  Chinese traditional sports concept mostly emphasize humanistic philosophy, rarely Speaking of objective conditions, not to mention the vast territory of the country, public health and low-cost way of selection should be more easier. With the gradual deepening of the concept of the Olympic movement and the overall development of society, a veritable fitness, China can proudly tell the world, the Olympic Games, everyone is a worthy host. That foreigners born playful, love to toss, love stimulation, but because the money can do. In fact, even as New York, Paris, this international metropolis, in the streets and parks of the people who had a lot of running, and luxurious form of exercise has never been most people's choice. In a large country's economic and social rise, playing running, Bashansheshui such things, should gradually become the pursuit of fashion from public life habits.

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