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Abstract:    Outdoor weather is hot and the air quality is not ideal, many fitness enthus...

    Outdoor weather is hot and the air quality is not ideal, many fitness enthusiasts prefer to go to the gym on a treadmill running. Seemingly simple treadmill, you'll use it properly?

    Many people are used while running Hanxiong arched, the body center of gravity forward. Family portrait fitness experts pointed out that such a running posture will increase pressure on the lumbar spine, a long time will cause lumbar strain. In addition, the shock of running landing impact force to bring people falling feet is almost five times the weight, center of gravity forward leg and foot joints will bring greater impact, over time there will be discomfort. Therefore, when you exercise on a treadmill must abdomen and chest, tighten the lower back muscles. In addition, the best choice for this kind of family portrait treadmill with superior cushioning function of treadmill exercise, to avoid running injuries.

    It was running sound particularly large, it is likely that the direct landing with feet. Foot landing will face direct reaction by the body's bones spread to the spine and brain, which is why after a workout on a treadmill someone feel uncomfortable because of the head. Should follow from the heel to the forefoot landing arc transition mode, try gently landing.

    QUANJIAFU fitness Expert Tips, jogging but also pay attention to breathing adjustment, and timely pay. Preferably a three-step a call, a three-step absorption; all right would drink water 10-16 ℃ during exercise, pure water or electrolyte drinks, heart-healthy.

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