Advantages treadmill resolve
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Abstract:     Treadmill has been more and more people accepted as the best choice of...

     Treadmill has been more and more people accepted as the best choice of home exercise. Brief function and use under the treadmill:

    Treadmill has a five-window electronic form on the movement of the running speed, time, distance, number of calories consumed, heart rate are displayed. Thus, in the fitness movement, it is possible well aware of their physical condition, since the belt drive roller is rubber, so the impact on the legs and feet joints than running to reduce the number of road unlikely to cause injury, thus ensuring the exercise of science and safety . 
    Treadmill is a simulation running, walking exercise fitness equipment. Running and stepping belong systemic aerobic exercise. According to experts, statistics kinematics, every run 1000 meters on land, the legs have to hit the ground 600-700 times. Not only the foot, leg and hip muscles will be shock, very easy to sprain a muscle or ligament strain. Also, when running leaps and if it is not suitable for the elderly up by vigorous running style fitness. And now the treadmill in the design more scientific, through the cushioning device on the conveyor belt, to reduce the impact on the knees and back.

    In addition, scientific set of exercise intensity running performance over the correct outdoor movement casual runners problem by maintaining a certain rhythm and intensity of exercise to help get the most out of aerobic fitness training in the shortest possible time effect. Significantly improve heart and lung function. And because the treadmill is designed with reference to the physiological mechanism, so movement but also through the use of the machine to correct the error before running posture.

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