Family portrait fitness experts tell you: the importance of exercise the "degree"
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Abstract:    Exercise more diverse today, when the movement can not only choose their fav...

    Exercise more diverse today, when the movement can not only choose their favorite, to expand the sport, comprehensive exercise. And sometimes we often because of excessive exercise and fatigue, which requires us to grasp the movement of the "degree."

    People in the movement should be gradual and realistic, like sports 2-3 times a week, exercise once, rest for two or three days, the choice of sports based on personal qualities and physical condition. After ten and a half months without movement suddenly movement, but also easy to excessive movement, cause excessive fatigue.

    When you are thrown in the reaction capacity decreased after exercise, balance decreased muscle elasticity is reduced, one to the site to dizziness, nausea, eating is not fragrant, sleep, depression, irritability, constipation, diarrhea, colds and other state , be wary. It is likely that the overall result of excessive fatigue. When excessive fatigue when thrown whole human nervous system has been damaged, the whole body began appearing abnormal, typical neurosis having the above performance. This time it should go to a doctor repose movement.          Fatigue is not a bad signal, sweating, weak waist, muscle pain and some other acute heart fatigue phenomena, if at the next movement can be restored, not be regarded as excessive movement. On the contrary, it was called excessive movement.

    People excessive exercise this concept is not very clear, many people mistakenly think that fatigue is excessive movement. The movement itself is to produce tired of the project, which by generating tired - tired of the recovery process, so that the body to get exercise, to strengthen the muscle strength and coordination of various organs, slowing the degree of physical aging.

     Excessive exercise may lead to neurosis, so your ability to respond decline, reduced sense of balance, muscle elasticity decreases. Of course not moving well, but at least the body maintain a stable state, but excessive movement to break the body's own harmony, a greater harm than no exercise.

    When the movement we must be clear that the concept of excessive movement, a good grasp of, not because of excessive bodily harm. Life is movement, more exercise, the work, life lay the capital.

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