Home treadmill to use common sense
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Abstract:1、 Do not just remove the protective cover, if the issues need to maintain open, be sure to unplug t...

1、 Do not just remove the protective cover, if the issues need to maintain open, be sure to unplug the power cord.

2、 When using the treadmill, do not let children near to prevent danger.

3、 If you are new to the treadmill, make sure to remember by holding the handrail, until you feel adaptation before they can release the armrest.

4、 If the electronic meter system problems make treadmill sudden acceleration or automatic constantly increasing speed treadmill, unplug electronic security lock on the table immediately, electric treadmill will immediately stop.

5、 Electric treadmill when not in use, unplug the power cord should receive good.

6、Minors need when using the treadmill next to an adult escort.

7、 After confirming in full accordance with the installation instructions after installing the treadmill to power. Do not make it on the wall plug to block attention when placed to facilitate insertion.

8、 Plug the power cord into a grounded outlet with safety in. Power electric treadmill is private, if the power cord damage occurs, your dealer to purchase, or direct contact with the company.

9、 Treadmill indoor equipment, do outdoor use. Place clean and smooth place, pay attention to moisture, careful not to treadmill on thick carpet of a class of objects, so as not to affect the flow of air in the lower part of the treadmill. Treadmill dedicated equipment, do not modify move to do it.

10、 Not to wear too much exercise, too loose clothing, avoid hanging onto the treadmill cause accidents. There are recommended to wear rubber-soled running shoes or gym shoes.

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