How to choose safe and comfortable treadmill?
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Abstract:    Recent events and the use of electric treadmill accident after another, common, i...

    Recent events and the use of electric treadmill accident after another, common, in addition to the user to operate the machines improperly, the most important is whether the treadmill itself has a function to protect the user, to protect the user during running safe and secure, in order in the most safe and comfortable conditions and exercise to achieve maximum benefits. When finishing the focus of the following safety aspects related to the treadmill for readers to buy electric treadmill reference:

   1、Suspension system

    Currently on the market treadmill underlying shock about 4 to 6, there are elongated strips shock shock effect more.

    2、Emergency pull ring.

    Need to comply with EU norms EN957 fitness equipment, when an emergency occurs stationary treadmill will automatically avoid accidents expand hair.

    3、Safety cover

   Need to comply with EU EN957 standard treadmill back-end protective cover, completely coated rollers and run with the rear end, to ensure that the running belt roller life and prevent friction, can avoid the risk of foreign body stuck running belt (eg: change , keys, children's little fingers ... etc).

    4、Fulcrum around strengthening shockproof

   Treadmill enables better suspension system, whether it is the user's knee, ankle, or the machine itself has stronger protection.

    5、Security slip side of the

    When electric treadmill fitness should be based on the upper body slightly tilted angle design, safety handle more large-coated non-slip, anti-sweat should use high-density foam, safety when holding a handrail. And the need to support a user can run at high speed in an emergency jump off the treadmill of gravity exerted on the side.

    6、Large column

    Column for the electric running fuselage skeleton, should the need to provide high rigidity durable and robust performance, in addition to increasing the safety of users, but also can reduce the chance of injury to personnel collision during treadmill.

    7、Treadmill bottom of the fence

    Add more security as a treadmill body to make the machine more robust security.

    8、PCS damping system

    Pressure to absorb shocks arising from the user while running, considerate protect your legs and the machine.

    9、Anti-static anti-slip running belt

    Running belt lines need help to increase the coefficient of friction to prevent slippage and wear running with more to be anti-static and durability.

    10、Kick-type buckle

    So that users do not have to bend over to pull aside a fixed lever, hand on the treadmill, the foot can push the button to open fixed easily converted.

    11、Easy handling rollers

    Treadmill should be convenient mobile wheel design, allowing users in the fun exercise can ease storage treadmill after each movement draw the perfect ending.

    12、Running boards Descent

    Consideration of users and surrounding personnel (especially children, pets ... etc.) security, in the running board down, you need to slow the speed of decline in party can prevent crushed, let female users can easily accommodating treadmill.

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