International Fitness club survive crisis
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Abstract:    Fitness club managers have Audition whether to feel the effects of the finan...

    Fitness club managers have Audition whether to feel the effects of the financial crisis has brought to the club, but this has always been like a cloud of shadow of the financial crisis in the operator's head.

  Well, listen to the forefront of the crisis experience from it! Internationally renowned fitness club executives face difficulties recount.

New York Town International Sports Centre CEO

Operational excellence - quality, depth and breadth of management is the key to the success of the club. Focus on staff training and development, now is a good time to hire talent.

Optimizing operations - to achieve optimal configuration, check your operational processes and human resources management.

Save money for public projects - the installation of automated equipment and a central processing system, in order to reduce waste.

Improved sales - complete sales model should include internal club marketing, network marketing marketing and corporate clients.

Membership system - requiring a monthly membership fee has been more and more, so we should be priced again, allow yourself to become more competitive.

Real estate - more carefully weigh whether they need to renew, and is suitable for the development of new stores.

Slow growth - we have slowed the growth rate of new club chain, it is also a good opportunity to standardize existing stores.

Canada's Steve Nash Sports Club CEO

Improved sales - in such a challenging economic environment, you must establish a solid foundation to begin to stimulate sales growth from within. As long as you spend more money and effort to take care of the existing club members, it may allow them to become your most loyal customers, and spontaneously to sell the club.

Strengthening the private education revenue - offer group lessons or group lessons, so members can train with peers or friends. It was confirmed that members of the investment private lessons are often retained longer Membership.
Track sales - software to help clubs effectively track sales information, sales staff can clearly know the business from the telephone booking, meetings, exhibitions, promotions, referrals, or buy. Effective feedback can assist decision-makers in the most appropriate way to manage and coach the sales team, so to maximize the benefits of their work.

Maximize your sales market - sales schedule update, expand marketing area. Some small incentives to increase promotional efforts.

Supporting sales - a solid foundation in the premise, can be appropriately improve your secondary marketing tool.

Asian California Wow fitness CEO

I love with you - the concern has been a member of the club, because the new members will be reduced. Designed to add additional fees for members of the family and friends prepared. For example, we offer a "one card double" membership card category, so each member can bring a non-member friends to free exercise. We can also hold a rock star party, or a marathon meeting, members are welcome to bring their friends to come together.

Special Promotion - together with the local sports mall, customers every purchase they can get the goods in your club offers. In this way, the club can attract more people to come to visit us. This method is called "joint promotion", and nearby businesses you can exchange anything you can exchange.

Spending cuts - in-depth study which additional services are provided by the club is not necessary. Packaged drinking water for example, apples, towels, magazines and so on. If you are still members free towel, cancel it. In addition, all members pay a monthly fee by way of electronic transfers.

Review the contract - to examine in detail all your suppliers, to review the contract between you, and then asked them a 25% discount. In exchange, you can expand the order. Now is the time for the same reasons and your contact real estate - with more long-term lease for the exchange of lower rent.

Planet Fitness Fitness Center Chairman

Maintain market - do not cut your marketing budget, because the market is equal to sales. Check all the old marketing program, observe what is the most effective means of promotion which you have provided, the return of what these investments and so on. Then identify the most suitable means of promotion the current economic situation.

Renegotiation - again browse your lease, if possible, and supplier negotiations again. Reassess the seller contract, make your money wisely, and not at the expense of member services or members seeking to profit at the expense of fitness experience.

Follow - Check your sales process and take advantage of the successful experience of the new potential consumer market. Creative development "Sales" from existing members because they are the ones your best marketing tool. Ensure that every visitor have contact again, and salespeople spend on them the most appropriate sales techniques, provides the most suitable offer.

New York Crunch health club chain CEO

Enhance the member experience - never had more need to adhere to the mass line and to the pleasures of the moment than now, and we will provide more fitness program members to provide the latest training programs.

Adjust our offer - we have recently introduced a 30 minutes private lessons, some of our members do not have much time for training coaches. This measure makes our existing general membership has become a private education customers, so prices also prompted them to introduce new members over.

Emphasis on basic - someone says, "is the only thing sold the business." We are committed to give every one of our membership consultants additional auxiliary tools, training and support them to become the best in the industry salespeople.

Seller negotiations - we check every piece of their own expenses, to seek opportunities and every seller renegotiation. We will always find the most suitable suppliers, until you can provide members with the most comprehensive fitness experience.

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