Women's bodybuilding before been delirious extremes
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Abstract:     This is a group of women, but with the "she" to refer to the...

     This is a group of women, but with the "she" to refer to them seems there is something wrong. On them is difficult to find obvious female characteristics - the same as the boys husky deep voice; rough skin wrinkled face looks much older than their actual age; the pores of abnormal thick, strong foundation is thick below hairs, upper lip, chin and sideburns following parts, are not conceal sparse stubble.

     They are part of an international competition Jianmeixiaojie contestants. March 6, 2009, from Michigan International Jianmeixiaojie Iris Kyle took the trophy from the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger - that moment, she wreathed in smiles. But behind the aura of champions is not full of glory, many people see this reaction after the news is -? "Trained in such a strong woman, but also how men and her contacts," "than men also man",

     Before the game they want to interview is not easy, because they might have been unable to think properly and organized logically correct language. To the body adjust to the best state of the game, they will be full three days without liquid intake, only a very small amount of water contained in the special food into their bodies. They swallow food, diuretic salts significantly higher. Row is not taken by only extreme way, they will be eliminated from the body of water as much as possible.

     The only benefit is the muscles due to decreased subcutaneous water, muscle outline clearer separation also greatly improved. In these three days, these "Miss Olympia" reject water, hostility heat. Lack of energy in the brain has been not think properly. "I called this state of chaos 'brain fog'." Had entered the "Miss Olympia" final Rosemary - Janice (Rosemary Jennings) confessed. Starting a few weeks before the race, thinking for her to become a problem, "I always put the butter wardrobe, underwear into the refrigerator.

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