US teen fitness market recovery in the crisis
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Abstract    In the economic downturn, intensified competition in the fitness market will...

    In the economic downturn, intensified competition in the fitness market will inevitably face churn crisis. Market segments, customer service, marketing strategy which has always stressed is how to become a feasible project. In the United States, young children this once deserted fitness area was again concerned about health clubs and community groups together.
 Fitness enormous market potential of young children  

    Because young children living environment, changes in eating habits, market demand for the fitness of the gradual rise in young children, many health clubs and YMCA fitness programs for young children have been supported or funded. Most of the study focused on these projects between 8-13 years of age.

  According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, the age of more than 60 per cent of children do not have a valid sports activities outside school. The children absolutely no physical activity in their spare time is as high as 23%. Although young children such as adult fitness programs do not project less profitable, but to improve people's health and fitness habits undoubtedly contribute to the community, an effective way to cultivate the sustainable development of niche markets.

    Today's young children are tomorrow's fitness fitness enthusiasts. They may be the future of advertising you use more loyal customers do not come to fight. Today's fitness to teach them the right way, in the future they will be able to exercise into a healthy lifestyle, in the current economic situation of the target customer base choosers definitely unwise. If you ignore the specific customer needs between ages, then the problem is the fault of the customer will be produced sooner or later.

    According to the International Health and Sports Club Association, the nation currently has 1.7 million children and adolescents aged 6-11 years of age involved in fitness club fitness activities. This figure increased by 42 percent in five years, which shows the huge potential of the project for young children.

  Analysis of children and adolescents fitness market: the emergence of new growth points of interest

  Harry Hansen was once North America, the best trainer by Forbes judges. Hansen's friends for fear of their own 8-year-old son, life is too closed, so I hope to provide some appropriate Hansen fitness recommendations for his son. When a friend asked whether the child is too small, is a long body, also should not participate in adult fitness training concerns, Hansen decided to carry out research. Thus Hansen fitness for young children will be generated interest, but also developed his own health club new growth points of interest.    

    When young children involved in the fitness field, Hansen in Manhattan already has three fitness center, a senior health club operators. Hansen noted that, in practice, the way of thinking and behavior of young children and adults are starker. And there are fitness programs for young children or course on the market at that time. Hansen personally teaching exploration, he has accumulated valuable experience. After the first set of training courses, a friend of children not only in the physical there is a substantial increase in self-confidence and self-building is also much improved. Children themselves and their parents will be so successful experience to share with friends. Soon, Hansen became one training on the development of a close relationship between the training group, the training program also gradually standardized aerobic strength, skill, such as different modules. Through word of mouth, Hansen pioneering course to become another growth point of the fitness center.
    Not a new concept  

    In January, the United States also restored some of the fitness and sports center opened a fitness program for young children. In fact, these projects are not regarded as a new concept. As early as 1990, some of the ambitious fitness center operators to launch a similar child fitness program. But because the project failed to reach the content recognition, many groups from 20 built at the beginning of each group plummeted, the number of participants at the course closed and some even less than 3 people.

  After a detailed analysis of the lack of professional coaches, carriers believe that in addition to the timing, hardware support and other objective reasons, the crux of the mature and experienced youth fitness coach is the problem. Because of the characteristics of Adolescent Health and Adult Fitness and targeted different professionals has become the bottleneck of lack of effective implementation of the thematic programs for young children. The lack of professional positive guidance, is the root cause is currently engaged in a similar course of a handful of health organizations. Mississippi Prairie Aathletic health club is because the lack of coaching young children can effectively carry out the project and had shelved the plan.

  Key business fitness program for young children  

    Kids will actively strive because interest, curiosity, ambition and other factors. Even so, few children would be uniform ran uninterrupted cargo anywhere in the sports field in 30 minutes.

 Reasonable and effective operation of key projects for young children where? 

    Respect, equality  

    Those who have successful experience in similar projects operators believe, first of all, the staff and the overall environment for young children should not only be a friendly, but customers should be treated like an adult, like respect, equality.

  In fitness and strength as the goal  

    Secondly, fitness programs fitness and strength should be the goal, do not over-inclined to lose weight or movement disorders.

  Interesting and diverse content  

    Most importantly, the project content to be varied and interesting. An adult may be because slim figure or robust muscles visit the fitness center every day, repeating the same action. But this reason it is difficult for children to work. Only course itself is interesting, attractive, so that children love, so they will patronize tomorrow, or even pull their friends, parents together.

  Avoid Repeat  

    We have to admit that children of this age is very difficult to please. They have no longer willing to be treated as children. But they can not be equated to adults in terms of physical or mental. If the adult three times a week, each 1-hour course Simple push to these smaller customers, and soon they will run away. Although children than adults more dynamic, but their vitality and not gratuitous release. No one would miss them because you want to control and prevention of osteoporosis, heart disease or high blood pressure and sweat for half an hour on the elliptical machine, and then control the heart rate meter to count calories. The reason why children positive efforts because interest, curiosity, ambition and other factors. Even so there was little child would anywhere in the sports arena goods uniform uninterrupted ran 30 disputes. Twice a week, once 45 minutes.

 Professor of New Knowledge  

    Teen eager to learn new knowledge, to enter the adult world. But those trained trainers tend to adult fitness aspects of learning or teaching experience accumulated, but forgot to interact with the teaching of the object. Curricula and training methods only principle guiding kids sports is not enough, they will soon produce boredom. To help in depicting them set a reasonable fitness goals, and through a variety of fun exercises to help them achieve a variety of goals unconsciously, such as endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, skills and techniques, attention, and people cooperation and confidence, and so on. Empty preaching on the day of class will only make children away.

  That training game  

    For young people, with the people around interactive and enjoyable fulfillment often more important than training equipment. Sophisticated features and luxurious look cheap but not as good perhaps balance ball, dumbbells plus a variety of interactive games to fun. Some success stories YMCA is worth learning. Use of the fitness center idle classrooms, warehouses and even idle corner, the spinning and digital cameras can be connected to a virtual race. Small artificial rock climbing wall and a simple propaganda siding functional and aesthetically pleasing. Ground rubber sports floor, just keep clean, can ensure the safety but also save the trouble of practical exercise mat. Some fitness centers and even to use the stairs instead of the pedal steps, also achieved good results. Twice a week, 15:00 to 6:00 time, the fitness center is fully open to children and adolescents. After-school time is the best time to sport, and this time will not have the majority of adult fitness business organizations had a big impact. Configuration of the device can be used as daily childcare area or showcase use. Those adults can also be playful spirit race.

  Training Confidence  

    In Hansen fitness center, fitness classes for young children and adults daily project row together. The name is also only emphasize physical fitness, weight loss and dilution tone. Trainer in the curriculum does not mention diet and other topics. Hansen believes the children as adults respect, so that they first develop self-confidence was more active and healthy. His trainer and he himself often on the lips words of encouragement: "You look great today," "You pay more attention to a healthy diet of it," "You're doing the right thing!" Of a positive hinted help to help children develop good habits conscious, active and progressive character form confidence. On the other hand, the course also attracted a non-existent problem of child obesity. They can then pass on the activities for the curriculum to bring more elements to show their potential and talents.

  Of course, in the curriculum such mixed member, we want to make a good planning exercise. If you do aerobics one hour, then a 100 kg child is difficult to stick with it. But if blindly accommodate, it is easy to let the other members feel dragged down, also against latecomers enthusiasm. If timely added strength training, can effectively adjust to different situations so that the child's prominent features. Generally heavier than the larger effort of children. According to research experiments show that overweight and unsociable child in the fitness process to show the advantages of strength, but also help them build confidence, improve relationships, expand their social circle. There was one case, a 12-year-old boy, weighing 275 pounds (about 125 kilograms). He succeeded in showing the advantages of fitness classes with their peers on the force, won the respect and friends, and received the first invitation to a birthday ever will.

  For some parents overprotective tendencies, guiding authority or expert advice may be more powerful than the children begged or fitness center advertising. American College of Sports Medicine, American Child Health Research Center, have said that there is professional guidance in physical fitness activities and more favorable growing children to enhance physical fitness. Some child psychologists also said that as long as the attention to ways and means of training would be useful. If they do enough standard in place, do not overly blame, because they can not fully understand the benefits of doing so. In the future, because the body is healthy and when they benefit, they will come back here to continue their success story.

  Receive investment  

    Portes Regional Health Fitness Foundation recently on fitness activities for young people has invested in youth activities to encourage open gym area. In addition to the introduction of a number of projects suitable for young children outside fitness equipment, but also the course settings and content were planning. Project leader, said they do not break things, and we encourage them to take advantage of unused space. Our first course is divided into two parts strength and cardio. Skipping, ballroom dancing or dodgeball, just interesting, we will introduce into the curriculum in the past.

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