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    Company's pursuit of "integrity, excellence, health, service" business philosophy, with an efficient, pragmatic, visionary management team, management ninety percent with a bachelor's degree, the average age is less than 30 years old, is a very dynamic and innovative companies. Senior technical staff of the company to obtain senior technical titles more than 30 people, from mechanical engineers, industrial designers, biomechanics, and other components of a full range of high-level technical team.

    There are numerous national chain brand club in the use of family portrait instruments. As the industry leader in fitness equipment brand, the company has strong research capabilities, the whole family on the instrument design, and quality has always been renowned for, and have a good feedback system and service system in the service. Our company introduced new products every year two to three, and to adapt to the increasing customer demand and continue to extend the aesthetic point of view. Whether it is inherent in the product or technical content, the whole family has been standing in the appearance of the visual effects equipment industry forefront, leading the market trend, with the best price. In addition, durability and durability of departure, the whole family brand in the after-sales support and service response speed is far superior to other brands.

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