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XuZhou QUANJIAFU Fitness Equipment Ltd.

    XuZhou QUANJIAFU Fitness Equipment Ltd.Is a collection development, production, marketing as one of the enterprise to its business philosophy is: technological innovation, quality assurance, all for customer service.

     With the development of national fitness campaign, the company to develop a national brand, marketing Famous mission, is committed to product development suited to China's health and research main products are professional fitness club configurable power equipment, cardio equipment and institutions, organizations , universities and a variety of home fitness equipment and fitness fitness path, and other three series, more than 200 varieties and specifications.

    Companies with "responsibility, innovation, health, dedication" as the concept, focus on the development of health. Companies rely on the leading technology level, a strong overall strength, efficient and sound management system, become one of the most innovative companies in the domestic fitness industry。The birth of the company, ending China fitness equipment industry, "drift" style has stayed history. Companies in fitness equipment, fun entertainment, fitness in the field of rehabilitation to hire well-known fitness expert, rehabilitation specialists, program experts conduct research and design, with efficient, high-quality mechanical technical team in the production area, with strict in the areas of market development, professional marketing Elite.Quality is the life of the whole family, rooted in the sense of quality and strict management system at the heart, for the whole family fitness equipment to win the long-term consumer confidence. Corporate culture is to maintain the fundamental business evergreen, family portrait fitness equipment culture of excellence from the accumulation of history, the reality of efforts and pursuit of the future. With the increasing competition in the market, the whole family fitness equipment at the same time uphold the fine tradition of constantly challenge themselves, to break the constraints are not suitable for development, the courage to change and innovation, advance with the times, a breakthrough in the fierce market competition, development, access to lasting vitality。The company's services throughout the product's entire life cycle, and in consideration of the basis of the higher needs of consumers on the introduction of a more humane and personalized service programs, accomplish comprehensive approach to improve their competitive advantage and brand value. To the community to provide the best products, the most efficient service is the mission of the elite, social returns contributing to society is the eternal purpose of family portrait.

    Strong development capability, advanced technology and equipment, strict quality management, improve the product line, so customers worry-free service concept, excellent human resources, corporate culture of excellence, all this make the whole family who move abroad to build the most China respected fitness equipment brand dream solid and steady progress, which is a source of inspiration and passion of the whole family of people, but also people fighting off the power family portrait.

     Although far future, our eyes farther. Specialized equipment has been more than 20 provinces physical culture, a large fitness club use. The company will continue to be improved to better quality and reputation of return users, social returns, thank you for using our products, welcomed the guidance, welcomed the cooperation!

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