Service Commitment

Thank you for using Quan Jiafu company to provide fitness equipment, please supervise our service.
Our commitments are as follows:

1、24, Xuzhou City, 1 hours free door-to-door;

2、Xuzhou city 24-hour home repair, the province within 48 hours response; 
3、Staff serious, precise installation and maintenance of each machine and patiently answered questions raised by customers;

4、The Company has class Sunday, the national coach on Saturday and Sunday on-site lectures, says:

1》How to scientific fitness
2》Correct usage of the fitness equipment

3》Develop personal fitness training program

To provide our customers with perfect after-sales service, will serve as the company's purpose, welcome customers to our better comments and suggestions,

So that we can achieve your satisfaction and requirements in the after-sales service.

All the staff of the company sincerely welcome the broad masses of users of real guidance, we will give the user satisfaction as the ultimate goal of all employees of the company!

After-Sale Service Hotline:(0516)87030118、87111555

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